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Suitable for all ages

Senior Mouthguards

Soft on the pallet with an excellent level of protection

Junior Mouthguards

Suitable for use for any contact sport

Protection with Coloured or Flavoured Mouthguards

Self Fit Mouthguards for Active Sports

Suitable for use during any contact sport including Rugby, Hockey and Martial Arts. Easy to mould, MGD mouthguards are soft on the palette, offering an excellent level of protection.  The flexibility of the plastic ensures they can be moulded to the shape of the mouth providing a snug fit, even over a brace.


tick Reduces – shock impact injury or concussion tick Comfortable – soft and easy fit, non gag
tick Protects – helps protect teeth and gums tick Cost effective – if mislaid or for spares
tick Simple – moulds to exact shape tick Re-mouldable – and replaceable
tick Flexible – can be adapted for jaw changes tick Hygienic – individual antibacterial cases
Junior Mouthguards
Senior Mouthguards
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