Junior Mouthguards

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Junior Mouthguards

Protection with Coloured or Flavoured Mouthguards

Our junior mouthguards are designed for ages up to 13 years old, but it depends on the size of the child. Using the boil and bite method, these protective mouthguards, available in black, blue and natural colours, can be moulded to the exact shape and can be adapted for dental/jaw growth changes.

We know how mouthguards can get damaged, lost, mislaid, or even stolen!
These cost-effective mouthguards are simple to mould for fast and comfortable protection.

Our mouthguards are available in singles, packs of 10, or for clubs, sports associations and retail outlets who wish to make a real price saving – packs of 100. Each mouthguard is individually packaged in an antimicrobial case to prevent bacterial growth.

Ensure you are Protected against Shock Impact during Active Sports participation with a Self-fit Mouthguard.

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